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  • Mr. Jawahar Nakra

Managing Director of M/s. Britomatics Engineers Private Limited since its inception in 1974, Mr. Jawahar Nakra has a vast and varied experience of over four decades, making him a strong pillar in the Filtration industry in India.

He is a reputed industrialist, widely recognized for his humble, business ethics, disciplinary methods of business at an international level, extremely quality consciousness with organizational abilities.

He is an exemplary with a vision, innovative ideas and a vast knowledge of filtration systems. He is also a pioneer in bringing technology to this industry and is solely credited for hi-tech machines being used for production at Britomatics. Mr. Jawahar Nakra is a recipient of several awards and certifications from the filtration industry and the newbie's of today in the industry consider him a great leader, positive thinker and an innovator, who adapts to change and new technology, resulting in quality production and vertical growth of Britomatics.

Mr. Navin Nakra, has joined hands with senior Mr. Jawahar Nakra and ably assists him in various projects. His guidance and support in the execution of several key projects, has brought success to Britomatics.