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The company was formed in the year 1974 as a proprietary firm. It was promoted to BRITOMATICS ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED in the year 1982.
Britomatics - The flexibility of an independent company with the expertise of a multi-national The company has a fully equipped setup to Custom Design and Manufacture specific dimensional ordered products combined with the desired filtration elements and filtration equipments, thus providing made to order filtration solutions to various industries.


Change is the only constant in today’s world. Manufacturers must have the ability to modify systems and facilities to excel and survive. Britomatics Air and liquid products are designed to adapt to your changing processes and requirements. Modular filtration components for air mist and liquid coolant filters can be readily added, removed, and changed for peak performance, effectiveness, efficiency and economics.


The company is renowned in the industry for Quick deliveries, Quality control and a Qualified & Efficient team. The company can claim an unbroken level of experience in frequency-product manufacturing extending over 40 years. The company has a strong engineering team experienced in the design and manufacture of air and liquid filter products. Advice and assistance is freely available.
The company overall specializes in Break down and Shut down cases which are very efficiently handled every time a crisis arises. The company’s team works round the clock to meet emergencies. It also has expertise in manufacturing indigenous imported products.


Product quality and customer satisfaction is at the heart of the Britomatics operations. To ensure that all-important facets of business are maintained in Britomatics, the company holds a ISO 9001:2015 certification. Full records of manufacturing procedures and traceability are maintained. Regular auditing is carried out by the approval authority.
The company offers quality filtration products at competitive prices within a short delivery period. Our well trained engineers and personnel supervise and monitor each and every step of production ensuring the adherence to dimensions and high quality. All the products have to pass through a series of tests both internal and external, by third party inspection agencies such as EIL, PDIL, TUV, SGC etc.


Consistent business growth over several years has enabled Britomatics to develop its nationwide customer base. In-depth engineering expertise, on-site manufacturing and a broad, up-to-date product range coupled with the speed and responsiveness of an independent manufacturer places Britomatics as an effective and successful supplier of innovative, high-quality filter products.


Britomatics has a strong commitment to customer service. The company ensures that involvement with customers extends from the initial design process through to product manufacture and after-sales support. The sound engineering- based market philosophy, emphasizing customer service gives Britomatics a keen edge, providing customers with true design solutions.


We have been in this line of business since last over 40 years, offering customized solutions to various industries. We now have a data base of drawings and related technical details for various types of Filters and Filter Products and equipment.
Our Design Department is directly under the supervision and control of Managing Director Mr. Jawahar Nakra, assisted by a team comprising design engineers and skilled Auto-cad draughtsmen who work on the latest version of Auto-cad system.


We have, over the years, offered Solutions to various Industries and have thus acquired knowledge and capabilities to undertake similar activities to meet maximum accuracy and perfection and to meet the requirements of the end-user.


We have a team of Engineers to carry out day to day activities in design, Quality and production. The engineers are assisted by highly skilled and experienced personnel who form the back-bone of our activities.
The entire activities are being directly monitored by the Directors.