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28 DEC 2019

A Brief Study About ATF filter cartridges

ATF is an acronym for automatic transmission filters that are used to protect gears and other parts of the transmission system from getting into the dirt and debris. It is placed below the pickup tube connected to the oil pump regulating the pressure of the fluid in the transmission and above the pan of transmission collecting the excess fluid.

Parts used in the working of ATF filter:

The working of the ATF filter cartridges is straight forward including various parts that are given below:

  • Gasket: This part is used to make sure about the presence of a tight seal in between the transmission pan and the transmission filter assembly. It is also responsible for making sure that no fluid escapes when it is moving over the filter.
  • Seal: A seal is made in circular shape with the help of rubber that is used to fit in between the transmission case and the pickup tube. It is used to make sure that there would be no loss of pressure or fluid.
  • Transmission filter: The transmission filter appears like a metal plate along with the slat. Fibrous material is present inside the slat that is used to collect the contaminants while the fluid is moving in the transmission filter.
  • Pickup tube: The pickup tube is designed to connect the ATF filter to the pump of oil.

Symptoms for changing the filter:

There are various symptoms that show that the filter needs to be changed. Some of these symptoms are given below:

  • Noise: If the transmission struggles to change the gear or if you are not able to change the gear, then the filter needs to be replaced.
  • Leaking:If the filter starts leaking the fluid, then it will need to be changed. But make sure that the filter leaks the fluid even when it is not fitted properly. Therefore, firstly check it before replacing it..
  • Contamination: TThe main purpose of the filter is to keep out the contaminants from the fluid. Therefore, if it does not keep out the contaminants, then it needs to be changed.
  • Smoke or burning smell: Due to dirt, particles, sludge, and various other factors, your ATF filter starts getting blocked, which results in burning. If you start feeling the smell of burning, then it means that you need to change your ATF filter.

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