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28 DEC 2019

Avail Cotton Fibre Filter Cartridges for depth filteration

Britomatics Engineers Pvt. Ltd is a leading company headquartered at Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra. The company has been specializing in the manufacture of cotton fibre filter cartridges for the past 40 years. Moreover, they are also dealing with the design and development of water filters and export of industrial filters as well.

The purpose behind the production of the cotton fibre filter cartridges by Britomatics Engineers Pvt. Ltd is that it can be used in a wide variety of applications including condensate and cooling water processes. The users may take advantage of this type of cartridge to generate power and minimize wastage of water. It is best suited for standard industrial applications such as metallization bath, etc.

Cotton fibre filter cartridges are an ideal option in food and beverages industry. They prefer using this type of cartridge owing to its extreme rejection rates and high flow capacities. It would help the companies to save a considerable amount of money.

Britomatics Engineers Pvt. Ltd has designed a Cotton fibre filter cartridges in the form of honeycomb shape to make sure that short fibers do not break apart. This type of cartridge would pay close attention by trapping the finest particles that help in gaining a higher retention capacity. These filters do provide true depth filtration and low media migration too.

What are the features of cotton fibre filter cartridges?

  • It has got a remarkable dirt holding capacity
  • Britomatics Engineers Pvt. Ltd implements superior quality cotton yarn to design cotton fibre filter cartridges.
  • It is designed out of a cotton yarn that is wrapped around a spongy inner area to arrive at the desired depth filtration.External filtration layers of a cotton wound have a loose density along with rough pore size.
  • The filtration layers present on the outer surface appear to be of loose density and rough in terms of size.

One of the major highlights concerning Britomatics Engineers Pvt. Ltd is that they manufacture top quality cotton yarn to generate a cotton string. This remarkable feature helps eliminate accumulated dust and debris. Unlike other cartridges, the installation process of the cotton fiber filter cartridge is very simple and quick.

What are the major uses of the cotton fiber filter cartridges?

They are used in a diverse range of applications including wastewater treatment, textile manufacturing industries, pharmaceutical industries, food and beverage industries, petroleum products.


Britomatics Engineers Pvt. Ltd is indisputably one of the leading producers and suppliers of the top quality cotton fibre filter cartridge. They have engaged in this industry for the past many years and now the company has in store a team of proficient and highly trained engineers who are capable of designing materials catering to user's expectations and preferences. The discerning customers need not hesitate to explore the official site of Britomatics Engineers Pvt. Ltd. It is an excellent opportunity for them to get familiar with the specifications of the cotton fibre filter cartridge. Additionally, there are numerous other products which are manufactured by them. Visit the official website of Britomatics Engineers Pvt. Ltd