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28 DEC 2019

Remove dirt is now easy with efficient cotton wound filter cartridges

Britomatics Engineers Pvt. Ltd is an independent company based in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra who is specialized in the design and development of water filters, pleated media filter cartridges. It is currently one of the top manufacturers and distributors of Cotton Wound Filter Cartridges.

Industrial filter cartridges are capable of holding solid contaminants thereby eliminating accumulated dust, debris present in the water and industrial liquids. In-depth type filter cartridges can block contaminants through the filter structure, however, surface type filter cartridge would hold contaminants present in the outermost layer.

Today, there are numerous types of filter cartridges available in the market that caters to the industry's needs and expectations. For instance, they are used in varying applications like beverages, paints, chemicals, and adhesives. Out of which one of the popular ones that are demanded by the individuals and companies includes Cotton Wound Filter Cartridges.

Britomatics Engineers Pvt. Ltd has got years of experience in the manufacture of the above-mentioned cartridge and they would make sure that they supply only top quality ones to customers.

What are the features of a Cotton Wound Filter Cartridge?:

  • It is made out of a cotton yarn wound that is coiled around a spongy inner core to attain the desired depth filtration.
  • Smart control is responsible for the varying filtration ratings amidst the production process until the creation.
  • External filtration layers of a cotton wound have a loose density along with rough pore size.
  • Britomatics Engineers Pvt. Ltd incorporates top quality cotton yarn to generate cotton string wound water filter.

The quality control team of Britomatics Engineers Pvt. Ltd would perform stringent checks on recycled and second-hand cotton products.

What are the striking features concerning Cotton Wound Filter Cartridge?

It has a remarkable flow rate along with extreme dirt holding capacity. The spiral stainless steel inner core provides optimal pressure resistance to extreme variations in the pressure filtration process. Another major advantage concerning Cotton Wound Filter Cartridge is that it has ample filter media as well as interior core materials catering to the compatibility of chemicals.

What are the uses of Cotton Wound Filter Cartridge?

It is used for beverage, photography film, edible oil, lubricants, pharmaceuticals, wastewater and preparation of condensate.


Britomatics Engineers Pvt. Ltd is a renowned company that has gained experience in the manufacture and supply of water filters and Cotton Wound Filter Cartridge. The company is revered for its instant deliveries, quality control checks by a team of efficient personnel. They have been actively involved in the product manufacturing process for the past forty years. A team of highly skilled and experienced engineer deals with the design and production of air as well as liquid filter materials. The interested customers need not hesitate to seek assistance and guidance from the team belonging to Britomatics Engineers Pvt. Ltd. They may navigate through the official website of Britomatics Engineers Pvt. Ltd to fetch additional details about the Cotton Wound Filter Cartridge, its specifications, etc.