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28 DEC 2019

Fibre Wound Cartridge from Industry Leading Names

Britomatics Engineers Pvt. Ltd is an independent firm which is specialized in the design and development of fibre wound cartridge. The team of Britomatics Engineers Pvt. Ltd has gained years of experience in the modification process of systems and facilities and they design the products following the needs and preferences of the valued clients.

What are the features of fibre wound cartridge?:

  • Britomatics Engineers Pvt. Ltd produces fibre wound cartridge that is capable of managing the filtering efficiency of liquids and gases.
  • Fibre wound cartridges is designed in such a way that it can withstand extreme pressure
  • It has a remarkable filtration efficiency
  • It is capable of holding and filtering out excess dirt
  • Quick flow rates

What are the uses of a fibre wound cartridge?

Fibre wound cartridge is primarily used to eliminate coarse particles present within a method liquid. One of the striking features concerning this product is that it is capable of removing a diverse range of particle sizes effectively. Its distinctive structural design that bears a filter cartridge can carry dirt at low pressure. Fibre wound cartridge leverage a high-grade filter media along with top quality center which has the potential to manage conditions.

Apart from fibre wound cartridge, Britomatics Engineers Pvt. Ltd also deals with string wound filters that contain a deep filter cartridge. Moreover, it has remarkable dirt holding capacity and a very low media migration. Today, it is supplied in the form of cotton, polypropylene for an extensive range of applications. This type of cartridges is used for construction purposes that would guarantee an astonishing chemical compatibility.

Some of the advantages of this type of filter are mentioned below:

The ratings of a micron are expected to be around 0.5 to 100. The bleached cotton media is readily available in the market for various types of applications. Some of the core materials include polypropylene, PP/Stainless steel, and standard stainless steel.

A few lines about Britomatics Engineers Pvt. Ltd

Britomatics Engineers Pvt. Ltd which opened its doors to the public back in the year 1974 is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The company lays special emphasis on product quality and optimal customer satisfaction. They are currently one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of Fibre wound cartridge and water filters.

They have gained years of experience in rendering top-notch services to their discerning customers across the globe. They are best known for the quick delivery of goods and services. A team of highly skilled and experienced personnel provides round-the-clock services.

Additionally, they possess a robust engineering team who has obtained expertise in the design and development of top quality air and liquid filter products. It is supplied to their clients at a competitive rate. Interested customers may navigate through the official website of Britomatics Engineers Pvt. Ltd to get more detail about fibre wound cartridge and other relevant products. Moreover, they would provide proper guidance to place orders.