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28 DEC 2019

A Brief Study About Fuel filter cartridges

Fuel filter cartridges are a kind of filter that is designed to remove the particles of dirt and rust from the fuel. It contains a filter paper that helps in removing these particles. In the engine fuel system, a fuel filter plays a vital role. If the fuel is contaminated and enters into the system, then it will cause the failure of the injectors and the fuel pump. The fuel filter cartridges help in enhancing the performance of the system because, for efficient burning of the fuel, it is important to ensure that minimum contaminations should be present inside the system.

Working of a fuel filter cartridge:

The fuel filter cartridge is made up of a pleated permeable material, which is fixed in the system along with the fuel line and in some cars, it is located in the tank of fuel. First of all, the fuel is pumped in the filter with the help of a pressure produced by the fuel pump and stops the dirt particle entering into the system. But after some time, this filter will get dirty and become less permeable, which results in restricting the amount of fuel getting through it. Therefore, it must be changed regularly.

How to know the filter becomes bad:

There are various things that display that your fuel filter becomes bad. Some of these things are given below:

  • Shortage of engine power: Due to the shortage of fuel getting into the injectors, the engine power is reduced. The deficiency of the fuel shows that your fuel filter is getting dirty. Along with this, the reduction of power is due to faulty injectors, mass air flow sensors, and various others. Therefore, check the cause of the lack of engine power properly.
  • Engine stalling under strain: When the engine is going up a steep or losing power under the hard acceleration, then it may be due to the bad fuel filter cartridge. The shortage of acceleration can be caused due to the leakage in the vacuum or a faulty sensor. Therefore, check your fuel filter properly which can be checked with the help of a fuel pressure test.
  • Random engine misfire: Random cylinder misfire is another cause that can raise due to the heavy load. Sometimes, the fuel filter controls the amount of extra fuel entering into multiple injectors that can cause the misfire. Therefore, the filter needs to be checked.

The fuel filter should be changed regularly because if it does not change with the passage of time, then it can lead to the occurring of the issues in the performance of the engine that can be remedied with the help of fitting of a new filter.

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