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28 Jan 2020

Industrial Applications of Hydraulic oil filters cartridges

Hydraulic oil filters cartridges are a kind of filter that is designed to remove the contaminants from hydraulic oil; engine oil; transmission oil; lubricating oil; and various others. It is used in a wide variety of hydraulic machinery and automobile industries in order to remove contaminants of water.

In the working of the hydraulic oil filter cartridges, it consists of two end caps and a filter medium. This filter medium is located in the middle of the filter. These end caps are available in metal and without metal. These end caps you can choose according to the type of element because with the help of these two end caps, the liquid flow from outside to inside through the filter.

First of all, the fuel is entered at the bottom of the tube that is passed from the filter element. If the hydraulic filter is clean, then you will get an indication with the help of tell-tale. If does not clean then also you will get an indication in order to clean it.

Benefits of hydraulic oil filter cartridges:

There are numerous benefits of hydraulic oil filter cartridges. Some of these benefits are given below:

  • The efficiency of separating the contaminates in the filter is very high.
  • The capacity to hold the dust particles of the elements of the filter is also very high.
  • You can use the elements of the filter again and again after cleaning.

How to know the filter needs to change?

While using the hydraulic oil filter cartridge, the major question that comes in the mind of people is that what time is the right time to change the filter. Therefore, in order to get the answer, read the further information given in this article.

The filter should be changed as per the guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the filter. These guidelines are based on the service hours. But in that case, sometimes there is no requirement of changing the filter at the time provided by the manufacturer. Thus, if you change the filter then you will lose the useful life of the filter. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, you can use an element condition indicator. This indicator is designed in order to measure the pressure drop across the filter. With the help of this indicator, you will able to know that there is a need for changing the filter or not. If there is a need then you can change and if not, then use your filter till the right time comes to change.

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