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28 DEC 2019

A Brief Study About Oil filter cartridges

An oil filter is an industrial filter whose main purpose is to remove the contaminations which are present in the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, transmission oil, or engine oil. The main function of these oil filters cartridges is in various kinds of hydraulic machines, which are used for different industrial practices. A pivotal role of these oil filters can be seen in the combustion engines, which can be found within the on and off-road motor vehicles along with the light airplanes, and various naval vessels.
Some of the different hydraulic systems used in vehicles such as power steering and automatic transmissions, an oil filter can be found frequently in those. Gas turbine engines, such as those on jet aircraft, also need the use of oil filters. Aside from these applications, there are some other industries as well, such as transport, recycling facilities, and oil production, where the oil filters are used in the production process.

Types of oil filters:

The oil filter plays an important role in preventing the health of the engine present in the car. There are various types of oil filters cartridges in the market that are given below:

  • Full-flow oil filter: This type of oil filter is a very common oil filter that is used by most of the carmakers in colder temperatures.
  • Secondary oil filter: This type of oil filter is designed to clean less than 10% of the motor oil that is used by the engine.
  • Spin-on oil filter: This type of oil filter is a steel canister that is paired with a paper element.
  • Cartridge oil filter: This type of oil filter is inspected without needing to remove the oil.
  • Spinner oil filter: This type of oil filter uses a centrifugal force to trap the contaminants in the oil of your car.
  • Magnetic oil filter:This type of oil filter effectively cleans the oil of magnetic contaminants that do not need to be replaced.

Oil filters cartridges construction constitute of permanent housing, which contains a replaceable filter element, called a cartridge. The housing is mounted on the engine either directly, or remotely with pipes for return and supply connecting it to the engine.

The performance of the oil filter is quite largely dependent on how is the quality of the oil. The maintenance cost increases rapidly with cleanliness. Thus, it is important to have a fully functional and proper oil filter cartridge, as well as replacing it as needed from time to time.

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