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28 DEC 2019

A Brief Study About Water Filter Cartridges

Have you ever wondered, why is our planet earth- the blue planet! The reason behind this is that our planet is made up of 70% of water. And we all know how important is water for all of us. Water is the basic necessity of our lives and without water, there is no life.

Despite such a huge quantity of water present on earth, only a small fraction of it can be used for the drinking purpose. And that is not even safe to drink. We all know the current situations of water pollution and are aware of how to get healthy water for drinking.

Water filters and purifiers are used to treat the water to make it fit for human consumption. There can be a variety of different types of filter media. The techniques that can be used for the treatment of water can be the mechanical trapping for the pollutants with an ultrafine sieve. This will strain the water which flows through it and eliminates the most particles and impurities from it.

These water filters are having the water filter cartridges inside them, which is used for the cleaning of water. The various types of water filter cartridges are listed here that will guide you on which one to choose for treating the water in your area.

  • Sediment cartridges: This type of oil filter is a very common oil filter that is used by most of the carmakers in colder temperatures.These cartridges are used for removing the taste and smell of chlorine, which is present in the water. This can sometimes remove the lead present in the water. There can be various types of carbon cartridges available:
    • RO cartridge kits
    • Carbon block
    • Granular activated carbon
    • KDF/GAC replacements
    • Empty refillable canisters
    • GAC media
  • Sediment cartridges: These cartridges are used to remove the direct sand, which is found in most common cases in the water that travels through the pipes. These cartridges are available in a variety of sizes and styles. The various types of sediment cartridges available are:
    • Pleated
    • Melt brown
    • String wound
  • Reverse osmosis membranes: These reverse osmosis membranes can be used for the removal of unnecessary or harmful mineral elements or salts from the water and manage the pH of drinking water. It is extremely important to maintain the pH of water otherwise it will become acidic in nature. The types of membranes that are used in the filters are:
    • Residential membranes
    • Commercial membranes
  • Ceramic cartridges: These are the types of cartridges that are used for managing the freshness and taste of the water. These are one of the inexpensive and effective types of water filter cartridges. Water filtering is an important thing that is required for a healthy life of an individual. Whatever be the type of cartridge you are using; you must replace them after a fixed time duration. You can get the best water filter cartridges for your water purification system at the Britomatics. We are the leading distributor of the water filter cartridges all over the country at competitive prices. Your health matters to us and we try our best to serve you the best quality water filter cartridges. With extensive experience in the water industry, we ensure that quality products are delivered to our customers.