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Coalescer-Separator Filter Elements

Coalescer Separator Elements

Coalescer and separator are used for liquid separation consists of the two steps. The first stage is built to split the fuel / water emulsion and also simultaneously remove solids. Britomatics manufactures a whole selection of filtration elements for Industrial and petro chemical Industries, Coalescer, Separator, Fiberwound, Fiber-mould etc. The proper selection in addition to combined these resources is surely an important part of the know – how required to build BMI Filter / Water separators.

The Second stage is from the outside to the inside. The water droplets are usually repelled by the highly hydrophobic surface of the elements and sink down into the water sump. The drops produced in the outer layers are so large that they are quickly precipitated in to the water sump under gravity. Britomatics Coalescer separator available in different shapes to suit customers specifications, utilize in many different types of separating.

Our Coalescer-Separator Filter serves a wide range of applications:

  • Compressed Air Filtration
  • Air Oil Separation
  • Corrosive Gas Filtration
  • Natural Gas Vehicle
  • Utilize in many different types of separating

Our Coalescer-Separator Filter elements provide major advantages/benefits:

  • High filtration capacity
  • High solids removal efficiency
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low energy consumption