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Bulk Fuel Filteration Skids

filter skids

For Rent, Lease, or Purchase


Units are designed to be a portable, complete filtration system. They can be easily put into service with little more than upstream and downstream connections being made. Great for handling any bulk storage filtration application. In addition to these skids, Britomatics carries clay treatment vessels and other housings available for rent, lease or purchase.




Increasing environmental concerns and regulations have forced many companies to optimize their use of process water, as well as the treatment of wastewater. Recycling of used process water is becoming a popular way to minimize the discharge of harmful pollutants into the environment.

Rockwell Automation filtration skid solutions bring together a powerful multi-disciplined control engine, seamless networking, a scalable visualization platform and information technologies needed to help machine builders meet and exceed the challenges of providing filtration solutions to their customers.

By leveraging the PlantPAx process control system and standard Logix controllers, machine builders and end-users can take advantage of easier set-up, integration and operations. Comprehensive process libraries and instrumentation support as well as simplified Advanced Process Control capabilities provide pre-configured information-enabled code for data collection needs across a broad array of filtration applications.

Typical Architecture

Filteration Skid Typical Architecture – Mid-Range (Unified Panel Solution)

The feed solution (water) enters the cartridge filter to remove any large sediment that would foul the Membrane filtration cartridges; water is checked for pH and ORP (Oxidized Reduction Potential), and continuity. All three of these transmitter values are brought back to a CompactLogixTM programmable automation controller (PAC) over a 4-20 mA signal (HRAT) interfaced to 1769 or 1734 POINT I/OTM. The amount of chemical to be metered may be done utilizing a simple on/off approach or through a more advanced PIDE instruction or APC instruction.

On the input and output of the membrane filtration cartridges, pressure transmitters are used to determine the amount of flow through the system. Pressure transmitter values are also brought into the CompactLogixTM PAC, allowing control of the VFD speed, as well as determining when the appropriate time is for a back wash routine to take place.