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Paper Type Filter Elements

Pleated Media Filter Cartridges

High Efficiency, Long Life Cartridges for Industrial Fluids


Britomatics Pleated Media Cartridges are suitable for a broad range of polar and non-polar fluids. Recommended for applications where the contaminant is granular (non-colloidal), allowing maximum utilization of the high surface area.

Suitable for

All Hydrocarbon Fuels Cutting Oils Insulating Oils Glycols


Diesel Fuel Lube Oils             
Hydraulic Oils  Water Emulsion Coolants Biodiesel Fuel Synthetic Oils      
Ethyl Alcohol          Degreasing Fluids    

Specification :

75psi Collapse strength 250°F Maximum operating temperature
5 – 9 operating pH range Recommended change out differential pressure- 25psi
Micron Ratings from ¼ to 75 Multi-pass (Beta Ratio) data available on request
98 % + Nominal filtration efficiency  

EI 1590 Certified Filter Cartridges

1 and 3 Micron Rated Cartridges

For Aviation Fuels


BRITOMATICS has qualified cellulose and micro fiberglass media filter cartridges to EI Specification 1590, “Specifications and Qualification Procedures for Aviation Fuel Micro filters.”