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Simplex & Duplex Filter Strainers

Simplex and Duplex Filters

We manufacture simplex and duplex filters that allow the filtering of a large range of fluids, to retain solids of almost any size. Duplex strainers are made for used in liquid controlling methods the location where the flow cannot shut down for filter improvement. The product range of duplex strainers are preciseness designed and made duplex filters ensure complete removal of any form of foreign particles from the system. Their working helps in improving the overall service life of the pumps, valves along with other long with other flow control instruments.

Our range of duplex filter is utilized where ongoing operation is needed and flows to not be interrupted. These duplex filter comprises 2 filtration chambers every rated for 100 percent capability. Redirection of liquid flow without interruption of flow. These types of duplex filtration system are usually connected having simple to remove basket for cleaning.

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Note : High Pressure / flow range can be offered on request.

Specification :

Pressure, Temperature Rating 50kg/cm2, 300deg C
MOC CS / SS 304 / SS 316 / PP
Size and Range 15 NB to 200NB and Mesh from 10 to 6000microns
Process Connection Any International Standard

Duplex Filters

We produce a wide range of simplex and duplex channels that finds broad application for eliminating finer size of hard particles from gas, air and fluids. These duplex filters are generally utilized in various industries such as lubricating oil manufacturers, chemical and petrochemical etc. Its imported cartridges are manufactured utilizing PP, glass fiber, sintered stainless steels, creased stainless steels and many more. The filtration is available from 0.2 microns to 200 microns.