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PPW wound filter cartridge is generally utilized for removing coarse particles from method liquid. It can remove from an extensive variety of particle size effectively and economically. The graded pore structure design render filter cartridges high dirt holding capacity at low pressure drop. As it uses high grade filter media and high quality center it can withstand server working and taking care of conditions.

String Wound Filters

String wound filters provide deep filter cartridge, high dirt holding capacity, and extremely low media migration. It is available in Polypropylene, Cotton media for a wide range of applications. String wound cartridges are available in different materials of construction offering excellent chemical compatibility with a variety of fluids and temperature ranges. A broad range of core media options provide excellent compatibility with a variety of fluids. Filter Resources can provide technical assistance with determine the most effective configuration for your needs. We specialize in water filtration system, duplex, simplex and hydraulic filters, conical strainers etc.


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