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Managing Director of M/s. Britomatics Engineers Private Limited since its inception in 1974, Mr. Jawahar Nakra has a vast and varied experience of over four decades, making him a strong pillar in the Filtration industry in India.

He is a reputed industrialist, widely recognized for his humble, business ethics, disciplinary methods of business at an international level, extremely quality consciousness with organizational abilities.

He is an exemplary with a vision, innovative ideas and a vast knowledge of filtration systems. He is also a pioneer in bringing technology to this industry and is solely credited for hi-tech machines being used for production at Britomatics. Mr. Jawahar Nakra is a recipient of several awards and certifications from the filtration industry and the newbie's of today in the industry consider him a great leader, positive thinker and an innovator, who adapts to change and new technology, resulting in quality production and vertical growth of Britomatics.