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Hydraulic and Oil Filter Cartridge

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Hydraulic and Oil Filter Cartridge

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Utility :

Cartridge is pleated constructed for long service life and high-low rates and low pressure drop.

Applications :

Coolants, Water, Pre-Filter for Membranes, Most Acids & Alkalies, Pharmaceuticals, Plating Solution, Foods & Beverages, Solvents.

Description :

Britomatics Pleated Filter Cartridges provide efficient removal of solid contaminants. The cartridges are manufactured from special grade phenolic impregnated cellulose and polypropylene blown media. The construction ensures superior grade removal efficiency. The cartridges are widely used by our well known customers for variety of applications in petroleum, refinery, oil field, petrochemicals, fertilizers etc.

The cartridges are available in 1u, 2u,3u,5u, 10u, 20u, and 100u pore sizes with >99% efficiency level.

Features & Benefits :

● Rugged construction.
● Materials compatibility for most applications.
● High surface area.
● High filtration efficiency.
● High dirt holding capacity.
● Pleated media allows high flow rate at a Low pressure drop.