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Are you ready to take your company’s position in the Filtration industry to the next level? Are you looking for complementary vendor-partners who can help give your technology greater reach in the Filtration industry?

Would you like to work with a recognized leader in technologies for Industrial Filters… a company that has been dedicated to libraries for nearly a quarter-century?

Then you should consider partnering with Britomatics Engineers P. Ltd. For over 30 years, Britomatics has been developing products and services that help Industries of all types and sizes in managing the resources and filtration processes within their brick-and-mortar walls and in serving their users in new, exciting ways.

Britomatics is all about Filtration products and serving industrial filtration needs. We have the reach. We have the experience. We have the focus. All of this combines to make us the ideal partner for other complementary technology vendors who want to pursue filtration market opportunities. Help in establishing and nurturing relationships with other such vendors, we have formed the Britomatics Partnership Program. We invite you to consider its goals and benefits for your company as you seek new opportunities and greater successes in serving the Filtration community.


The Britomatics Partnership Program features three levels of partnership: Alliance, Premier, and Strategic. Through these partnerships, Britomatics and your company can create the right relationship for positioning both companies for success in the best way.

The partnerships are defined as follows:
Alliance Partnership -
As an Alliance partner, Britomatics and your company will work closely on important co-marketing efforts, the goals of which are to strengthen both companies’ positions in the Britomatics marketplace. Joint advertising, direct marketing, and public relations are examples of activities engaged in as part of an Alliance partnership.

Premier Partnership -
Taking the relationship to the next level is the Premier partnership. In addition to carrying on the co-marketing activities described above, Britomatics and Premier Partners will work closely in pushing the companies’ offerings in the Filtration marketplace. Either, Britomatics or your company will resell products and services, components of products, or content through their respective sales channels.

Strategic Partnership -
As a Strategic partner, Britomatics and your company will work most closely in all aspects of our relationship. The companies will join forces to co-develop products and services that will position us to address market needs in ways that neither company can do alone. The two companies will also team up to ensure the success of the full range of marketing, promotional, and sales activities.


Clear benefits can come to your company, where applicable, through your participation in the Britomatics Partnership Program in a range of areas, including: